Together with another three friends we have done a computer game as a mandatory school software project. It is a combat flight simulator game from the period of the First World War.

The progect has been successfully defended at 18.6.2010, even receiving bonus ECTS credits for its quality. The released binaries of the game are available at the project homepage (the website is currently down, unfortunately).

[pdf]Thoughts about the project (in Slovak)

Flying Samurai Flying Samurai Flying Samurai Flying Samurai


Mandatory project, although now of much larger magnitude than the original assignement. The assignement I picked was the simulation of light scatteing in the air and display of planetary atmospheres with accent to the Earth's one. Features:
- C++ / Direct3D / WinAPI implementation
- CPU based precomputation based on ray marching with solving volume scattering integral
- single/multiple Rayleigh / Mie scattering, spectral calculations
- multiple ground-atmosphere interreflections
- multiple scattering in large water volumes (seas/oceans)
- precomputation is massively parameterized, what allows user to get unique atmospheres
- GPU-based real-time renderer - programmable pipeline, advanced use of HLSL mainly in fragment shaders (SM 3.0 required)
- some atmospheric parameters remain unhardwired into precomputation and thus can be changed during rendering to obtain a different atmosphere appearance
- fast algorithm, newly with improved memory requirements

[exe]AtmoVision runtime

AtmoVision AtmoVision AtmoVision AtmoVision
AtmoVision AtmoVision AtmoVision AtmoVision


NBReal was my first noticeable project. I choose its topic for mandatory software project on Object-oriented programming subject. Its topic is simple N-body problem simulation (gravitational force in the set of N bodies). Some features are:
- C++ / Direct3D / WinAPI implementation
- fixed-function pipeline
- reversible Euclidean algorithm for gravity calculation

[zip]NBReal runtime